What questions should I ask the potential employer during the job interview?

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I am seeking a job in the automotive industry. I take great care to be prepared for the interviews. It has happened to me that the interviewer asked me whether I had any questions, too. It took me off my tracks and the overall impression I made was significantly worse. Can you advise me how to react to this question and what kind of things I should ask?

Thank you for opening the topic of interviews and how to best prepare for them. Although this question is typically asked at the end, it is one of the most important ones and your answer might influence the potential employer’s decision.  We are happy to give you advice.

Types of questions Do not ask about things you are not really interested in (a good HR specialist will recognise a pro-forma question), or things you can easily find out about on your own, for example, on the internet.  Similarly, avoid questions about remuneration. This topic should be opened by the employer. So what kind of questions are suitable to ask?

Success in the job For example, you can ask:  „Which qualities are important for success in this position?” This question will enable you to find out about the employer’s expectations and also allows you to react promptly and very briefly say something about yourself in reference to the expected qualities. This question shows that you want to become a successful employee.

News Ask about a piece of news you have read about the company or about an important innovation in the automotive industry. You will learn how the employer plans to react to new developments and at the same time you will show that you are interested in what is going on in the industry.

Professional development Ask what opportunities there are for professional development of the employees. This will give you an idea about how much the employer seeks to retain employees informed about new developments in their area.

Management style and company culture Try asking: „Can you tell me something about your management style and company culture?” The answer to this question will give you an idea whether you would like to work for this company at all.

It is important not to be afraid, but at the same time not to pretend to be the world champion. Show yourself as a personality with a genuine interest in the position, automotive industry, as well as the company itself.

Good luck!

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